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Boxing & Weights
Is a full body workout divided into 2 types of training. While half the class is exploring the skills and drills of boxing, the other half is working on muscle strength, stamina and explosiveness using the newest Technogym Skillbench. This is the perfect 50 minute High Intensity Boxing training taught by our world class trainers! Dare to join? ZERO experience necessary!

Kickboxing Bags
Is a brutal, old school, 50 minute bag training reinvented by our top trainers who have earned their stripes in the professional fighting game. It is a combination of bag training and full body strength- and cardio training. Sign up now and experience what decades of combined fighting experience is like in 1 class.

Booty & Boxing
Booty & Boxing the new concept of Sin City Boxing.
A 50-minute workout that builds strength and confidence with boxing and booty exercises. A combination of speed and power makes this a high intensity experience. The music and atmosphere make you feel sexy and confident. With boxing on the bags and burning your booty this is the new hottest class in town.

Booty & Abs
This intensive booty workout is focused on your glutes and core at the same time in one fat melting workout! Feel confident and powerful after this 50 minute workout, that’s given by only the best. Join now and get that killer beach body! (This workout is without boxing).

Full Body Circuit Training
A full body workout where you work on your strength and your endurance at the same time. Become stronger, fitter and bring your body to the next level. The music and trainer will push you to your limits! Are you ready for this 50-minute circuit of sins? (This workout is without boxing).

Boxing Technique
This technique class focuses on developing your boxing skills. You will learn the essentials of boxing techniques while working in the Sin City ring. You learn specific boxing combinations and you work on your endurance in this 45-minute workout. Real sinners know to box!



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